The Assistant Director Brenda Tendo on our production set of KEYCARD in Kampala, Uganda. (
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SEBAMALA ARTS LTD. is a digital and performance Arts nonprofit which develops equality and advocacy programming, social change film/television, critical theatre productions and social justice documentaries. The organization was founded to empower marginalized and underrepresented communities, to support artists with creative relief and artistic training during the global pandemic, using collaboration with multidisciplinary performance artists around the world, to create, develop, produce and direct stories for empowerment, challenge single story narrative about Africa and change negative stereotypes about marginalized communities.

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We are dedicated to developing and producing works for social change, critical thinking and social justice. By serving women and youth from marginalized communities and industry professionals searching for artistic growth and development in Uganda, across Africa and the United States, we create job opportunities, theater and film apprenticeship trainings that offer skills development, counter unemployment and support storytelling from Africa by Africans, while celebrating diversity in culture, development and decolonizing blackness.

The female cast waiting to shoot a scene in the short film Keycard, while the Director of


Improve quality of productions from Uganda and the rest of Africa. Challenge stereotypes and single story narrative to empower marginalized communities. Develop creative solutions to social justice issues through arts advocacy communication. Nurture, promote and equip creative talents in Africa and African Immigrant populations across the world. Increase industry payments for artists, filmmakers and theatre makers in Uganda and other parts of Africa.

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Develop and institutionalize Sebamala School of the Arts for  skills training in digital and performance arts, to support systems and infrastructure of the creative arts. Redefine the African story with an empowered spirit of pride among the black race globally, to counter and challenge racial inequality and racism, by decolonizing society of its roots in racism.


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Synopsis: Something bad has happened at a Kampala hotel. A detective is called in to investigate. Everyone is telling their story; but can anyone be trusted? KEYCARD (2021) is an engaging puzzle that begs you to watch it again.

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We develop, create, produce and direct advocacy, equality and empowerment programing for women, youth and underrepresented communities. 


film production

Through social change film we advocate for gender equality, human rights and social justice. 


WOMEN+YOUTH FILM apprenticeship

Advocating for gender equality, healing justice  and skills development for women and youth empowerment, offering film training and mentorship opportunities for women and girls who face abuse and youth from marginalized communities. 

The Director, Babangida Ibrahim gives instructions to Mushema Housen ahead of shooting a s


Using the transformational power of theater, we challenge stigma, racism, inequalities and unjust social economic structures. 



The making of the Black Glove film: When talent, passion and resources meet. Black Glove's Director, Angella Emurwon says “We feel remaining local is the way we can be universal and have a global appeal... Our film is about us trying to challenge ourselves artistically and visually, while making a commercial product,”
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Film can change the Ugandan story - Sebamala 

Black Glove, a movie by Douglas Sebamala is designed to change stereotypes about Africans as well as challenge harmful narratives about black people on the continent, writes Denis Nsubuga.

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Movie Black Glove Starts Production In Kampala. "The ‘who-done-it’ in question is the upcoming film, Black Glove, a murder mystery that is positively drenched in Ugandan style and swag... The cast and crew rock masks on set emblazoned with ‘Sebamala Arts’ (the company behind Black Glove)."
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See #Behind The Scenes Shots Of The Movie...

The work that has been put into the film Black Glove so far, has left a palpable feeling of excitement amongst all involved. In mid December, 2020 in Kampala, the trailer was shot. 

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